These days are all about you. Time for you to re-charge and have time for yourself. The workshops will help with your spiritual development if you so wish.

What it's all about

These are days where you will be able to reconnect with yourself on an energetic and spiritual level. You will be able to recharge your batteries through a variety of exercises with like minded people. Experiencing healing on a physical, emotional and soul level.

There will be Reiki Drum Journeys, crystal sound bowl meditations, despachos, fire ceremonies, chanting and medicine songs, connecting with the four directions, smudging ceremonies and creating mandalas. You will enjoy sound baths, working with energy on a vibrational level along with crystal and chakra work.

Spiritual Retreat Day

This day will be spent with like minded individuals where you will create a despacho where you can release anything you do not need in your life. This is a shamanic practice and extremely therapeutic to be involved in.

There will be smudging and fire ceremonies you take part in while working in circle together as you remove more that is unwanted in your energy field. Removing any negativity will allow more positivity to come in creating what is needed in your life.

You will experience building an outside mandala using things from nature that you will collect prior to the day and work with the energies this creates.

During the day a reiki drum journey will be carried out enabling you to hold the space you need for yourself and experiencing the healing vibration of the drum.

The day will finish with a sound bath where gongs, tibetan singing bowls, chimes, bells and crystal bowls are used to work on a deeper level of vibrational healing.

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Release the old – bring in the new

This is the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki. This is open to men and women as it lets go of a lot that isn’t needed and brings in the new and more creative.

This day will allow you to leave behind a lot of stagnant energy that may be stopping you from creating the life you wish. You will experience deep healing along with sitting in circle with like minded individuals while we work with sacred ceremonies, sound and energy work.

You will receive the 13th Rite of the Womb which helps bring about a purification of the body and psyche. Men as well as women can receive this rite! You will be able to pass this rite onto others once you have been initiated into it. This rite helps you to find your freedom, your purpose and a deeper connection to the joy of life.

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Crystals and Chakras

This day is aimed at anyone who has a healthy interest in learning more about chakras and crystals. You will gain knowledge on the chakras and crystals that will enable you to balance your own energy points through the use of crystals and vibrational energy.

Good for people with knowledge and those without as well. Sometimes we just need to spend time with others who ‘get’ us!

Here are some of the elements of the day:

Work with oracle cards
Energy cleansing ceremony
Chakra meditation using crystals
Working with energy
Crystal exercise
Work with pendulums and dowsing rods
Sound bath with crystal bowls

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Raising your Vibrations

Everything about us is energy. All aspects of our life will have a profound effect on
our energy field and aura. Emotions and our physical health will be affected by all
that is in our life.

By keeping our vibrational energy high and well we will be able to live a more
beneficial life – emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

The day will leave you getting rid of anything that is low in energy that is no longer
required and allow you to bring in new aspects that will help you move forward. Our
thoughts and feelings have a massive impact on how we feel so by removing old
issues we can move on.

You will enjoy:

A grounding and energy cleansing ceremony
Cord cutting ritual with a Reiki Drum Journey
Create your own book of Positivity
Make a vision board
Take part in an affirmation meditation
Draw and make your own focus wheel
Sound bath 

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Each day may vary as more elements will be added and changed as each one progresses.


There are no requirements! All you need is the time for yourself and an interest in attending.

What you may experience

  • Self development
  • Spiritual work
  • Meditations
  • Mandalas
  • Fire ceremonies
  • Smudge work
  • Toning
  • Reiki Drum Journeys
  • Chanting and breath work
  • Despachos
  • Crystal work
  • Crystal bowl healing
  • Working with yourself
  • Receiving the 13th Rite
1 day workshop

For your self development


Balance to be paid

Full payment to be made to secure your place

Workshop dates
  • Sat 7th March Raise your Vibrations
  • Sat 18th April Crystals & Chakras
  • Sat 13th June Release the Old
  • Sat 4th July Spiritual Retreat Day

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Full payment is needed to secure your place on the workshop