Reiki Drum Technique

The reiki energies are so wonderful to work with so how about adding in the element of sound
healing with drumming and reiki? The use of the drum with reiki is very powerful to work with
and hugely healing.

Course Information

Would you like to add another element to the Reiki energies that you already work with? How
about learning the Reiki Drum Technique? You will combine drumming and reiki energies which
will bring another aspect into treatments and meditations that you will give to clients and

The cost of the course is £295. The course fee includes a 16” Remo buffalo drum, your manual
and certificate.If you already have your own drum please get in touch to check it is suitable. If it
is then the cost of the course is £200.


Reiki Level Two Certificate/Reiki Second Degree Certificate

What you will experience

  • Preparation of Self
  • Creating your Sacred Space
  • Smudging Ceremonies
  • Meditation Ceremony honouring the Seven Sacred Directions.
  • The Reiki Drum Technique
  • Origins of Reiki Drumming™
  • Scientific Research on Drumming and it's Healing Powers
  • Reiki Drum Journey - Finding your Voice
  • The Drum Selection Ceremony
  • Reiki Drumming with Symbols
  • Drumming for Manifestation and Distant Healing
  • Group Drumming
  • Reiki Drum Attunement
  • Meditation to meet the Healing Spirit of your Drum
  • Meet your Power Animal
  • Reiki Drum Healing Technique - Giving and receiving
  • Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique - Giving and receiving
  • The Reiki Drum Journey Technique - Giving and receiving
  • Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Closing Ceremony
2 day course

Incorporate your drum in your reiki sessions


£80 deposit

£200 if you have your own drum. To confirm your place with the remaining balance to be paid a month before the course start date.

Course dates
  • 1st & 2nd June 2020
  • Please get in touch for more dates

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Got any questions about this course? Give me a call to find out more.